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What to Expect

Equip your team with the language and skills to successfully engage and guide C-level investment decisions, as a peer.

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Getting started.

Lexicon’s fun and engaging language-based approach teaches sales teams exactly what they need to know and say to elevate funded pipeline and revenue in real time. Gain the skills you need to engage financial decision makers as a peer and close more strategic deals.

Introduction to Lexicon

The Lexicon Curriculum: Customized to Your Value & Due Diligence Models

While executive dialect structure is a critical component to engaging as a peer, your financial models and quantified outcomes are what will drive C-level interest. Lexicon fully integrates your relevant financial models to optimize your executive guidance narratives based on peer-validated financial outcomes.

The same holds true for guiding objective buy-side due diligence. Selling in the project and program management dialect is what prospects and customers need, not your sales process. Lexicon optimizes opportunity engagement execution based upon standard project and program management practices, including mutual scoping, funding, work breakdown structure, RACI and critical path requirements.

Building new neural pathways

Learning and executing the required financial narratives for successful executive guidance can only happen if you build new neural pathways. Yes, this is neuroscience! Our progressive, language based approach makes this easy, accessible and executable over time, as this all starts with what you say.

How to Engage Executives in the fragile seconds that we are given

You have seconds to prove that you belong there, or to prove that you do not. Lexicon shows you how to start, proving your value in small moments, and how to stay there with progressive C-level language.

Shifting from a predictable sales dialect to a familiar business dialect

A sales dialect serves as an early warning system for the C-suite to disengage. We are evaluated on a word-by-word basis, requiring us to shift to a native business dialect if we are to establish competency and credibility.

Executives speak Excel™ because they have to, and we must do the same when we seek large financial commitments

Speaking to value driver performance is the coin of the realm at the C-level, Lexicon zero’s in on your specific value driver impact, mapping your prospect’s inside-out financial performance to your outside-in value driver impact.

Free yourself from the shackles of limited budgets

If you sell strategic assets, you are selling intermediate to long term net cash flows that justify up to 5 years of capital allocation, not just this fiscal year’s budget. Lexicon shows you how to sell beyond tactical budgets into strategic investement.

How to Talk About Money

Most of us never learned how to talk about money unemotionally and strategically, articulating the net cash flows over time that justify cash investment. You haven’t missed your window, Lexicon makes this simple to understand and easy to talk about.

Creating Executive FOMO

Executives experience “Fear of Missing Out” just like the rest of us, we just need to know which business ideas to present in the right context as most are not even aware of the financial value that their companies have been missing out on, because the didn’t have the right context.

The Value Map that we all should understand

Many of us have seen this well accepted standard, but few of us have learned what it means and why it is so critical to business decision making. Embracing and understanding how to sell into this context holds the keys to elevating our execution.

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