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Lexicon for
B2B sales teams.

In an uncertain economy, there’s never been a better time to equip your sales people with the skills that they need to open new revenue streams.

Next generation sales execution.

Legacy sales processes and methodologies tend to limit engagements to the middle of the org chart and constrain revenue to budget-dependent demand.

By up leveling sales narratives to strategic, capital allocation-based selling, Lexicon clients realize revenue that would otherwise be left untapped. Operationalizing Lexicon’s sales methods across your organization is a proven way to access and grow strategic, C-level sourced revenue. Lexicon’s unique value driver-based selling model has been successfully leveraged by large global sales teams across 33 countries since 2009.

Virtual Training

Virtual team training sessions customized to
your value and sales models.

Onsite Training & SKOs

Hire Eric for in-person onsite training, consulting and speaking engagements.

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Uplevel your C-suite selling execution.

Lexicon is a globally-focused B2B sales training method that specializes in closing the execution gaps that limit profitable revenue acquisition and sales’ professional legitimacy. Engaging, funny and empathetic, in-person sessions with Eric leave your team energized and prepared to engage even the most high profile executives.

The Physics of the Executive Selling Moment:

The science behind successful C-level engagement in small moments

Speaking Excel

Engaging and guiding executives as a peer, in their language

Creating Funded Opportunities:

Sourcing funds from the balance sheet vs. the P&L

Engagement Management for Sales

Critical project and program management skills for enterprise sales

Leveraging Value Drivers

Sales execution based on what drives CEO capital allocation decisions

What to Expect

FAQ for Enterprise Sales Teams

Lexicon is business language and knowledge training for enterprise sales, created and taught by enterprise sellers, focused on the narratives that guide executive investment decisions. B2B Sales does not need yet another sales training methodology, it needs business skills, which is Lexicon’s sole focus.
Sales processes are demand-centric, working best when budgets are allocated which only monetizes the portion of your total addressable market (TAM) that is IN the market this FY. Lexicon is supply-centric and process agnostic, providing sales teams with the ability to access and guide revenue to your company that is not in the market, but should be. Lexicon makes enterprise sales “whole”.
Sales execution is language based. Successfully engaging, influencing, guiding and closing for financial commitments is based on how we communicate. Lexicon focuses on objective business narratives designed for immediate execution and critical proof points to drive successful adoption.
While many B2B sales people have been through some form of value selling, few have had the financial or business training on how to sell to the financial value drivers that are critical for strategic decision-making, risk management, resource allocation, and business performance assessment. These drivers guide executive leadership in achieving the organization’s financial and strategic objectives. This is Lexicon’s focus.
“What is your sales methodology so we can align our due diligence/decision process to yours?” said no prospect or customer, ever. Customers and prospects must start, staff and manage a project when they are in the market for strategic assets and enterprise sales people must demonstrate that they know how to guide and manage these engagements, especially with respect to their assets…and, a proper forecast is a critical path!

Loved worldwide.

Eric taught our team to speak in the language of balance sheets and cashflow and ROI . He helped us explain to our prospects how they can prioritize a software investment over other investments that they have options to make. And that was very, very valuable for us. Our people were now business people as opposed to sellers.

Brent Reed,
SVP, Americas, Tealium

The reason people remember Eric is he makes our team laugh, and you can just start to see the lights turn on as the humor drives the point. He’s walked in their shoes, he’s felt their pain, he knows how miserable it is to try to have a smart conversation without the confidence of financial knowledge. He’s been there, done that, and has multiple t-shirts.

Nancy Martin
Sales Performance Consultant, SAP

I was blown away by Eric and his ability to make me rethink how I sell. I am always looking for ways to sharpen my tools and I will plan to use him as a resource moving forward.

I’ve been through many sales training classes and have hired multiple sales trainers for my organizations, throughout my career. You are top notch in my book. You address topics completely ignored by most methodologies. And these are the topics that yield activity and pipeline! You deliver your content with passion and believability, your examples are tangible, you coach, and your engagement with the audience is spot on. Very well done.

I recently found your podcasts on the SAP Experts podcast and have been listening to them several times to burn in the concepts. After 20+ years in enterprise sales, I’ve come to learn that everything you are saying is dead on. I don’t think I’ve ever found anything that has been so validating to everything I come to learn over my career.

Sell smarter.

Start selling in the executive dialect.

Lexicon’s fun and engaging courses will teach you exactly what you need to know to elevate your career and your team’s success rate, now. Gain the skills that you need to successfully engage financial decision makers and close more strategic deals.

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