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More than just inspiration, Eric shows your sales teams how to source strategic revenue directly from the c-suite.


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Give your team an unfair advantage at this year’s SKO.

Executives can’t buy your business value if they don’t know that it’s for sale.

We all want an edge—an unfair advantage—when it comes to meeting and exceeding our revenue goals. While executing better sales skills than the vendors to your left and right certainly has value, you still remain limited to the money that is “in the market” this fiscal year.

Give your sales team a true unfair advantage, the ability to tap into revenue that isn’t actively in the market, but should be, by selling your strategic business value to those with the power to allocate capital.

For the past 14 years Eric has been showing enterprise sales organizations across the globe how to gain this unfair advantage relative to the one thing that we all want to improve upon: successfully engaging the C-suite and guiding their strategic investments to our business assets vs. alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eric makes what most of us have come to believe is inaccessible, accessible. Specifically, generating revenue directly from the named C-suite, at a peer level. Through a business language-based approach, Eric models the business narratives that sales must execute with competency, based on the financial value that your business assets have proven to their peers. As a career B2B salesperson, Eric brings immediately relatable real-world context and experience with just the right amount of humor to help the medicine go down.
As this level of execution is sales process agnostic, this simply requires integrating the strategic value driver impact that is being realized by your prospect’s peers: your customers. The same holds true for integrating the due diligence required for your assets into universally accepted engagement management language.
From mindset changing keynotes to full SKO training programs, your salespeople will leave with the language and knowledge required to start engaging and guiding executives as a peer and building high-value net new pipeline, immediately.
Changing sales execution to any level of proficiency is a process, not an event. Whether you engage Lexicon after your SKO or not, everything that we teach is based on standard business nomenclature and practices and your financial models, making this easier for you to operationalize what we teach.

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Through an objective, process-agnostic, narrative-based approach, sales leaders and their teams learn how to immediately start executing in a business dialect, accessing more of their addressable markets and creating net new revenue events that end budget dependency.

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