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Sell in the language of business.

The Lexicon Method teaches enterprise sales teams how to create and secure strategic financial commitments in the language of the C-Suite.

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World-class B2B sales teams leverage Lexicon to source revenue directly from the C-level.

Lexicon shows B2B Sales teams how to translate their selling narratives into the executive dialect—elevating tactical, budget-constrained execution to strategic, capital allocation focused executive guidance.


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Enterprise Sales Organizations

Why it

The Lexicon
Sales Method

Engaging and influencing strategic decision makers — the leaders responsible for capital allocation vs. executing against current fiscal year budgets—begins and ends with speaking at their level, demonstrating business competency and guiding their thinking and actions.

Lexicon’s linguistic approach shows you how to communicate like a management consultant, a peer and a business advisor.

What to Expect

What your team will learn:

Value Driver-Based Selling

Value Driver-Based Selling

Secure strategic funding commitments from the C-suite based on how they are measured and paid.

Engagement Management

Engagement Management

Execute the project and program management skills that guide objective due diligence in your prospect’s language.

Business Language Proficiency

Business Language Proficiency

Optimize your business dialect and executive guidance skills.

Kickstart your C-level selling.

In enterprise sales, we are all expected to sell to the C-suite and close economic decision makers for strategic financial commitments. The problem is, few of us were actually taught HOW to do this. Lexicon focuses on the HOW that we all require in order to do this effectively. Through a business language-based approach, product and service narratives shift to compelling strategic value driver impact narratives that resonate with executives and inform their strategic investment decisions.

Lexicon Soundbytes

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Retraining Your Brain

Creating new neural pathways to think and speak like an executive.

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You Have 2-15 Seconds…Go!

Resonating in fragile moments

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Speaking Excel™

The C-Suite speaks Excel. Do you?

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The Dreaded

Replacing the worst word in enterprise sales.



For Sales Teams

Give your sales team an unfair advantage by learning how to guide executives in the language of the C-suite. Leverage Lexicon’s 14 year track record of training the world’s best sales organizations through live and remote training, customized to your company’s value models and operating motion. Or, hire Lexicon to speak at your SKO.

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For Individuals

Gain practical, executable knowledge that you can put to immediate use, with coursework and coaching that simplifies selling to the C-Suite in their langauge.

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Loved worldwide.

Eric taught our team to speak in the language of balance sheets and cashflow and ROI . He helped us explain to our prospects how they can prioritize a software investment over other investments that they have options to make. And that was very, very valuable for us. Our people were now business people as opposed to sellers.

Brent Reed,
SVP, Americas, Tealium

The reason people remember Eric is he makes our team laugh, and you can just start to see the lights turn on as the humor drives the point. He’s walked in their shoes, he’s felt their pain, he knows how miserable it is to try to have a smart conversation without the confidence of financial knowledge. He’s been there, done that, and has multiple t-shirts.

Nancy Martin
Sales Performance Consultant, SAP

I was blown away by Eric and his ability to make me rethink how I sell. I am always looking for ways to sharpen my tools and I will plan to use him as a resource moving forward.

I’ve been through many sales training classes and have hired multiple sales trainers for my organizations, throughout my career. You are top notch in my book. You address topics completely ignored by most methodologies. And these are the topics that yield activity and pipeline! You deliver your content with passion and believability, your examples are tangible, you coach, and your engagement with the audience is spot on. Very well done.

I recently found your podcasts on the SAP Experts podcast and have been listening to them several times to burn in the concepts. After 20+ years in enterprise sales, I’ve come to learn that everything you are saying is dead on. I don’t think I’ve ever found anything that has been so validating to everything I come to learn over my career.

Sell smarter.

Start selling in the executive dialect.

Lexicon’s fun and engaging courses will teach you exactly what you need to know to elevate your career and your team’s success rate, now. Gain the skills that you need to successfully engage financial decision makers and close more strategic deals.

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